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            LISEN WOOD INDUSTRIAL SHOUGUANG CO., LTD.. is a leading wood products making company, mainly offering plywood, container flooring, film faced plywood, MDF, chipboard, LVL and door skin, etc..

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            Custom furniture plate exactly how many "minefield"?

            In recent years, the custom furniture fiery, the whole family is custom-made wind and water, the market such as "MDF," "particle board", "Wo Hong board" and other dazzling array of consumer dazzling m
            In recent years, the custom furniture fiery, the whole family is custom-made wind and water, the market such as "MDF," "particle board", "Wo Hong board" and other dazzling array of consumer dazzling man-made sheet of various performance indicators Was pushed to the cusp of the position. In fact, the market of plywood, in the final analysis is still three kinds of boards (plywood, particleboard, fiberboard).
            Custom furniture plate exactly how many "minefield"?
            MDF is a kind of MDF, which also has MDF and staple fiber board. Wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, broken, fiber separation, drying after the application of urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive, and then by hot pressing made of a man-made sheet. The density is generally in the range of 0.5-0.8 g / cm and the thickness is generally 3-30 mm. Medium density fiberboard has excellent physical and mechanical properties, decorative properties and processing properties.
            It is a small diameter timber, thinning timber, wood core, skin, branches and other raw materials for processing through special equipment to grow 40mm, 70mm, width 5mm, 20mm, thickness 0.3mm, 0.7mm shavings, Glue and special equipment will watch core layer flake, criss-cross the direction of paving, after the hot pressing of a plywood.
            Plywood is cut into pieces by the wood section veneer or wood veneer cut into thin wood, and then glued together three or more layers of plate material, usually with an odd number of veneer, and the adjacent layer veneer The fibers are glued perpendicularly to each other.
            Wo Hong board is a kind of MDF, Wanhua is a new type of environmentally friendly man-made board to completely formaldehyde-free polyurethane ecological glue as binder, better environmental performance. Currently on the market, such as Daya, Lu Shuihe produced belong to a better plate.
            In environmental performance, nail-holding force, moisture resistance, cost-effective in all aspects, who is better than it?
            01, environmental performance
            Formaldehyde release plate mainly comes from the glue used for bonding, high-density MDF is wood into fiber and then re-pressed into the production process, the need to apply adhesive bonding fiber materials, the application of adhesive about 7% -12%, environmental protection is not easy to control, the amount of solid wood particle board glue is less than 5%, compared to a lot of particleboard environmental protection.
            02, holding nail strength, moisture resistance
            MDF nail strength as particleboard, easy to absorb moisture, particleboard moisture-proof performance, grip nails strong, more suitable for cabinet cabinet.
            03, plate anti-deformation, bearing capacity
            MDF is more suitable than solid wood particle board to do the wardrobe, because whether it is flatness, load-bearing, anti-deformation, service life should be better than solid wood particle board, and suitable for wardrobe modeling. In general, MDF prices higher than solid wood grain board.
            04, zero formaldehyde ≠ no formaldehyde
            Experts said: "Zero formaldehyde is relatively not accurate enough, there are currently two international standards for the release of formaldehyde: E0 level, E1 level. China's E0 standard basically equal to the European E1 standard, equivalent to each cubic only 0.05 mg of formaldehyde.After the edge of the plate after the quality of the basic impossible to release the formaldehyde inside, so zero formaldehyde is actually zero formaldehyde emissions, not to say that the material itself does not have formaldehyde.