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            Is the wardrobe finished or customized? Good with solid wood or plate?

            Wardrobe on the market now can be roughly divided into two types: finished and customized. Finished wa
            Wardrobe on the market now can be roughly divided into two types: finished and customized.
            Finished wardrobe is: directly in the mall you can buy, buy home can be used, very convenient; disadvantage is the size fixed, can not do the top design, and the volume is not large.
            Strictly speaking, the finished wardrobe is actually more suitable for single dogs to use less clothes.
            Custom wardrobe is: According to your request to tailor-made, big use of materials, as small as the shape of the handle can be up to you to decide.
            If you want to carefully points: custom closet is actually divided into two.
            Custom closet is usually such a wall design
            One is to directly look for custom furniture to do the brand to do: They usually have a fixed plate selection, hardware selection, designer design, because the machine is produced, so the finished product is very refined.
            The second is to find a chef directly to play on the scene: in full accordance with your meaning, how do you want to do how to do. But in this case, it is very test master skills, your design level and aesthetic, variables will be larger. Well done, very amazing; poorly done, ugly to look up.
            In summary, the bunny suggested custom closet, not only look good and practical, the focus can be based on their own ideas, unique.
            Wardrobe height: do the best
            We devaluate the top wardrobe, because the top of the closet really in the course of some embarrassment.
            Do not believe you see, there is a gap between the closet and the roof, forming a corner of health, can not be used up.