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            LISEN WOOD INDUSTRIAL SHOUGUANG CO., LTD.. is a leading wood products making company, mainly offering plywood, container flooring, film faced plywood, MDF, chipboard, LVL and door skin, etc..

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            What's the original container floor like?


            Freight original container floor and ordinary living container floor is not the same, let's talk about freight with bamboo floor is how.

            The bottom plate surface of original freight container is generally red bamboo mat, which can be waterproof. In China, the floor of container or carriage used for pulling goods is nothing more than wood floor or bamboo floor, but bamboo floor accounts for the vast majority. Because of its high hardness, good strength and long service life, container factories like to use bamboo floor.

            There are generally three types of container floor bottom, one is bamboo mat bottom, the other is wood surface bottom, and the other is waterproof wood surface bottom. Bamboo flooring with waterproof bottom is popular, but sometimes the market is short of this kind of membrane. Consumers can decide according to the situation. If it is not used to transport containers by sea, it will not affect the use of any one, and its bearing capacity is the same.

            The bearing capacity of container bamboo floor is about 7 tons. That is to say, you can get on the forklift (about 3.5 tons of domestic forklift plus about 3 tons of goods). This force can be withstood. Don't worry.

            There are few domestic bamboo flooring manufacturers that can make such a high strength, because they need high tonnage press plates. Manufacturers without strength can't do it. In addition, some manufacturers can do it, but the glue spraying technology they use makes the flooring easy to open, break, and the load-bearing can't reach. Do container bamboo floor need to use dipping technology, many manufacturers are reluctant to use, because the phenolic glue is expensive, will cut corners, directly using spray glue, do not work out of the board.

            Shouguang lisen plate Co., Ltd. is located in Shouguang, the hometown of vegetables in China. The company is a professional manufacturer of container flooring, bamboo and wood composite flooring and plywood. The container floor produced by the company has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity, strong bending resistance, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and high wear resistance. The products are widely used in container, logistics container, carriage and other types of container car floor. The company has the international advanced production line, fully implements the scientific management of the whole process of production and operation, has strong technical force, perfect detection means, excellent process equipment, and meets the needs of customers with high-quality products.