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            LISEN WOOD INDUSTRIAL SHOUGUANG CO., LTD.. is a leading wood products making company, mainly offering plywood, container flooring, film faced plywood, MDF, chipboard, LVL and door skin, etc..

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            How to choose high quality container floor


            1. Strength of manufacturers

            For non professionals, brand is the most direct and labor-saving way. Most ordinary people can't judge the quality directly through the surface of the floor. At this time, the reputation of manufacturers in the industry is particularly important. The technical level and reputation of manufacturers are the initial guarantee for the quality of the floor.

            2. Pay attention to the bearing capacity of the floor

            When choosing the floor, the floor's compression bearing capacity must be considered, which is closely related to the user's use. The size of bearing capacity can be consulted to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer generally has professional pressure measuring equipment.

            3. Look at glue and high temperature bonding technology

            The container floor is made by high temperature and high pressure. It has strict process standards and testing standards for high temperature, high pressure and gluing. In order to reduce costs, many manufacturers in the market will cut corners in terms of pressure and glue, which will increase the probability of cracking and gluing. Moreover, the quality of glue has a certain impact on human health, some manufacturers choose glue containing toxic substances, which is harmful to health.

            4. Look at the materials

            Materials have a great influence on the quality. Generally speaking, the quality of the wood made from flakes is better than that made from sawdust or broken board, and the production from new wood is better than that from old board and broken board. Some old version, broken board production products are unqualified.

            Many box container provides container design, production, transportation and installation integrated services, including floor supporting facilities, and has its own independent production workshop, so Xiaobian, as a member of many box container, also knows about the choice of floor of container house. I hope the above content can help you.

            Shouguang lisen plate Co., Ltd. is located in Shouguang City, the hometown of vegetables in China. The company is a professional manufacturer of container flooring, bamboo and wood composite flooring and plywood. The container floor produced by the company has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity, strong bending resistance, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and high wear resistance. The products are widely used in container, logistics container, carriage and other types of container car floor. The company has the international advanced production line, fully implements the scientific management of the whole process of production and operation, has strong technical force, perfect detection means, excellent process equipment, and meets the needs of the people with high-quality products.