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            LISEN WOOD INDUSTRIAL SHOUGUANG CO., LTD.. is a leading wood products making company, mainly offering plywood, container flooring, film faced plywood, MDF, chipboard, LVL and door skin, etc..

            Nongsheng road, Shouguang, Shandong Province, China



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            Poplar LVL

            100% poplar in long grain
            Well sanded surface 
            Stronger in long grain direction, easy to cut into long beam 
            Thickness: 12mm – 120mm 
            Width: any width within 2.5meters 
            Length: max 8 meters 
            Glue: MR , E2, E1, WBP 
            Density:  500kg/m3
            Usage:   packing materials, such as machine packing, glass packing, etc. 
                     Furniture making, such as bed slats, drawer sideboard, door core, etc. 
                     Pallet making:  pallet surface, pallet foot beam, etc.
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