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            LISEN WOOD INDUSTRIAL SHOUGUANG CO., LTD.. is a leading wood products making company, mainly offering plywood, container flooring, film faced plywood, MDF, chipboard, LVL and door skin, etc..

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            Furniture grade plywood

            Also named commercial plywood, which is common used veneer plywood for furniture making, the usual use face veneer can be okoume, bintangor or pine, etc. Normally, this plywood is made in two times hotpressed, sanded smooth surface.  
                  Size: 1220*2440mm, 1250*2500mm  
                  Thickness: 2mm ~ 40mm  
                  Core:  poplar, hardwood(eucalyptus), birch, combi, etc  
                  Glue:  E2, E1, E0  
                  Face/back:  okoume, bintangor, pencil cedar, radiate pine, birch, etc,  
                  Grade:  BB/BB,BB/CC, CC/CC, etc.
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