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Car Speaker Installation Parts

We take pride in the huge selection of installation kits, harnesses, and interfaces we carry. We offer multiple options for most vehicles, so you can choose the package that works for you.
Car Speaker Installation Parts

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How to shop for speaker installation parts

Installing new speakers in your car isn't that hard, but it is a little scary if you've never done it before. That's just one reason we want you to have everything you need.

We always ask you to tell us what you drive so that we can show you the speakers that fit in your car. Another reason we ask is so that we can find the extra gear you'll need to properly install those speakers.

Below, we'll explain all the stuff you can find in the speaker installation categories on this page. If you'd like to learn a bit more about how to install new speakers, check out our speaker installation guide. It's a great how-to video followed by lots of extra information.

Car speaker wire

If you're adding speakers to a location that doesn't already have speakers, you'll need to run wire. Same thing if you're adding an external amplifier to power existing speakers. We carry a variety of sizes (thickness) and some all-in-one options to make it easier to install an amplifier.

Speaker wire connectors

Speaker wire isn't any help if you don't have a secure method to connect it to your speakers or amplifier.

Speaker mounting brackets

Vehicle manufacturers don't always use a standard-sized opening or screw-hole pattern when installing the factory speakers. Vehicle-specific mounting brackets make it possible to fit aftermarket speakers into those factory locations. And if you buy your new speakers from Crutchfield, we'll include the needed brackets at a very steep discount.

Speaker wiring harnesses

When you install new speakers, you'll need a set of these wiring harnesses to plug the new speaker into your car's factory wiring. This way you get a solid, secure connection without having to cut the vehicle's wires. And like the mounting brackets, if you buy your new speakers from Crutchfield, we'll include these harnesses at a very steep discount.

Kick panel enclosures

Replace your kick panels with these custom-fit speaker enclosures and you can position your new component speakers for much better sound. Or, use them to add a second set of speakers to the front of your car.

Jeep speaker pods

These custom enclosures let you install new speakers in optimal locations in your Jeep. They also help keep the speakers safe from the elements when you leave the top at home.

Enclosures & pods

This is where we store a variety of items that help you install new speakers in some cars. Most importantly, here is where you'll find boxes for installing 6"x9" speakers wherever you want them!

Speaker grilles

If you're installing speakers in places where you don't have factory grilles, then protect them with a set of these grilles.

Sound deadening

A car is a noisy place filled with rattles and road noise. Adding sound deadening materials to your car's body panels will quiet some of that rattling and noise, making it easier to hear your music. Adding some of this material to your car door when you install new speakers will make a big difference in how good your music sounds in the car.

Foam speaker baffles

Protect your speakers from dust and moisture by installing a set of these baffles behind them when you install the speakers. The foam also acts as a gasket between the speaker from and body panel, which helps to prevent noise and vibration.


In this category, you'll find tools that'll come in handy for installing speakers and lots of other things around the car and home.

Bass blockers

Bass blockers make your smaller speakers sound better by filtering out the low bass that they can't handle.