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Equalizers & Signal Processors

I love using processors in my car, especially when I can use time alignment to create a sweet spot right at the driver seat! I hear so much more in my music now.
Equalizers & Signal Processors

How to shop for equalizers and signal processors

The right equalizer or signal processor is the key to fine-tuning your music in the car. Overcome road noise and hear music that's crisp and clear, even at highway speeds.

  • An equalizer adjusts frequencies to improve your system's sound, helping you compensate for the noisy listening environment of your car or truck.
  • A signal processor uses digital signal processing (DSP) for sound adjustments that are even more detailed and comprehensive.

If you're keeping the factory stereo, a signal processor can be especially helpful for removing the limitations put on the music by the factory radio, giving you a clean, flat signal to feed to your external amplifiers.

Here, we'll explore the different groups of products you'll find in this category. For a more in-depth explanation about what they do for your music, read our article about fine tuning your car's sound and our guide to choosing an equalizer.

Car equalizers & signal processors

Here you'll find our full selection of equalizers and signal processors. If you want to fine tune the way your music sounds in your car, then these are essential gear. This is especially true if you want to add an amplifier to your factory stereo.

Car audio crossovers

A crossover network directs the correct frequencies to the various amps, speakers, and subs in your system.

Line drivers

Line drivers boost the voltage from your stereo's outputs, feeding your amps a stronger, cleaner input signal. A stronger, cleaner signal means that the amplifier can send a better signal to your speakers, which in turn will produce better sounding music.

Bass boosters

These processors adjust the bass curve built into most factory radios, so you can get maximum performance from your amps and subwoofers.

Sound processors for factory radios

This category contains processors and amplifiers that are specifically designed to overcome the sound-quality weaknesses of a factory stereo. You can add one of these products to nearly any factory system.

Bands of equalization

The more bands an equalizer has, the more detailed you can get with the sound shaping.

Tuning software

Some EQs and processors rely on an app for your phone, tablet, or laptop to do the sound tuning. This makes it much easier to use the processor and make adjustments. Some models do this wirelessly while others require a USB connection.

Bluetooth® connectivity

Processors with built-in Bluetooth give you the ability to stream music from your phone directly to the processor.

RCA cables

Get high-quality patch cables in the lengths you need to connect your equipment. And remember to buy a cable that's a little longer than you think you need. Having some extra length is fine, but if it's too short, well, we don't sell cable stretchers.

Installation tools

When running RCA cables or speaker wire, you'll need to pry up some interior panels to hide those wires. That makes a panel removal tool a necessity. We also have wire ties and other assorted items to help insure you end up with a professional-looking installation.