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GPS Navigation

GPS navigators deliver reliable door-to-door spoken and visual directions so you can concentrate on driving.
GPS Navigation

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How to shop for GPS navigation

A good GPS navigator gets you to your destination quickly and doesn't tie up your phone while doing it. But what type of nav system will best fit your needs?

Should you get an integrated stereo with lots of other benefits, or the flexibility of a portable GPS navigator that you can take from car to car?

The categories on this page point you to the different navigation options available and the accessories you might need to make them work. If you'd like more information about shopping for GPS gear, read our navigation buying guide, then contact our advisors for the best answers to your questions.

In-dash GPS navigation receivers

A new car stereo with built-in GPS navigation is as good as it gets. Besides navigation, these car receivers tend to have all the other extras, too. Bluetooth connectivity, USB connections, excellent sound tuning, and more. Best of all, touchscreen controls make it easier to use all these features. Some models also feature Android Auto™ or Apple CarPlay® for the best in smartphone control.

Portable GPS navigation

The most convenient way to add GPS guidance to any vehicle. They include windshield mounts and 12-volt power cords. They can be small enough to fit in a pocket, but we always recommend stepping up to the larger screen sizes because those are so much easier to use and see.

Motorcycle navigation

These navigators are built to stand up to the vibration and weather that's the norm for life on a motorcycle.

GPS tracking

GPS trackers let you keep track of your car, motorcycle, dog, or loved ones. They typically let you set a perimeter boundary, called a "geofence," and will let you know if the tracker goes outside of the area you've set. And if the tracker (and the vehicle it's attached to) ever goes missing, you can use your phone to find it.

Add-on GPS for aftermarket radios

This category contains navigation modules that you can connect to select aftermarket stereos.

Add-on traffic & information receivers

Traffic information receivers give you traffic updates through your car stereo or portable navigator, keeping you informed of the real driving conditions on the road ahead.

Bluetooth® capability

Some portable navigators have built-in Bluetooth to give you hands-free calling and maybe even music streaming capability. In-dash navigation receivers almost always have built-in Bluetooth functionality.

Text to speech

Nearly all navigators these days have voice prompts ("turn right in a quarter mile"). The more sophisticated units upgrade that to text to speech capability.

Screen size

The larger the screen, the easier it is to follow along. Portable nav units range from 4.4" up to 7" in size. In-dash navigators are standardly 6.5"-7".

Traffic service

These services warn you of traffic jams along your route so the navigator can help you plot a different course. They usually require an annual subscription.

Portable GPS accessories

Here's where you'll find antennas, engine diagnostic interfaces, backup cameras, and more.

Mounts and cases

Need an extra mounting adapter or a storage case? Here's where you'll find them.